Working with Loren to purchase our first house was a fantastic experience.

First off, let me say that I’ve worked in real estate and have fairly high expectations for an agent.  Unfortunately, there are an abundance of agents out there that promise the world but have less expertise in their field than I do.  I can research areas and find what homes are on the market myself; I don’t need to pay someone a good amount of money for that.  I want a true negotiator, deal finder, and expert in their field.  Someone that is going to know my needs better than even I do to in order to find the perfect home for me and my family and then finally close on it for a better than average deal.  Thankfully Loren Dakin Jr. is just that.

In a market that defied the rest of the country this last 6 months by going red hot, Loren found us the perfect home and negotiated us into it for less than asking price.  If I didn’t love it so much already I would think hard about flipping it just based on the savings that he captured for us.  Loren is tenacious, passionate, experienced, and has a deep knowledge of real estate on the peninsula.  I actually walked away from our previous agent who is a very close family friend after my first meeting with Loren, and never regretted the decision.

I could blather on about this guy for a while, but other reviewers have done a good job singing his praises.  Do yourself a favor and meet with Loren if you’re looking on the Peninsula, you won’t be sorry…and if you need any further convincing, email me and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and tell you more 🙂

Thank you, Loren. We truly could not have done this without you.

Jason B.

On very short notice we made the decision to move from The Bay Area to Austin, Texas.  A friend recommended Loren to us and the phrase “We can’t thank her enough” seems to fall woefully short.  Loren was principally instrumental in selling our home in the middle of September, and delivering us to close 14 days later, masterfully navigating through the various stages of the sale, and always being pro-active, never reactive.  The bottom line is that because of Loren’s exceptional skills the transaction kept moving forward (when on a handful of occasions, it could have gone wrong)…and we got over our asking price!

Loren was funny, likable, and a genuinely good person. He was not just “doing business;” he took the time to get to know us and our unique preferences…he was very collaborative and selling our home was the least stressful part of the whole transition of moving out of state.
Loren garnered our trust immediately.  He is the consummate professional.  Nothing frazzles him and he always has a solution.  He has a very calming demeanor and exudes capability.  We had a lot of questions about everything; and there was not a single question that Loren did not know the answer to.  He was always available and extremely proactive with all of his communication.  Loren has a deep understanding of market trends and price curves and is well informed. Loren knows exactly how to stage and list houses. He has connections with realtors with buyers always looking for homes.

Loren was available and always responded virtually immediately.
When you work with Loren, you never feel like you are “out of the loop.”  He is incredibly easy to contact, communicative, and doesn’t leave you waiting for updates.

He always made us feel like we were his only clients. He took a lot of responsibility in getting some big projects completed and gave the house the same attention as if it was his own.

Loren knows the Bay Area real estate market essentially intuitively.  His connections are endless.  He literally knows anyone and everyone in the real estate market: arborists, inspectors, electricians, contractors, lawyers- you name it, and Loren can get you in contact with them!

Loren is strategic. He is always thinking a few steps ahead, and his plans always showed clear thinking, a focus on our goal, and a risk profile that matched ours.  Loren reviewed our property and the upgrades that we had made, made recommendations on what repairs/upgrades should be made and came up with an aggressive plan to sell our home, from beginning to end.  Loren is very systematic and thorough.  He has a great team of staff and contractors that staged our home, photographed it, made last minute repairs to help the value, and then marketed the heck out of it. He gave us great advice with regards to pricing and strategy. Every time we had a question or concern during the process Loren addressed it immediately and resolved it with knowledge, confidence and reason.

Loren’s commitment to his client’s satisfaction and success is unparalleled.  He takes the time and effort to go the extra mile and ensure that your personal and financial objectives related to the sale of your home are met.   Loren exceeded our expectations every step of the way.

Amanda C.

We have had 2 transactions with Loren over the past 3 years.

One word:


No need to say more

J K.

Loren helped us get into the house that we are going to raise a family in for the next 20+ years. He was unbelievable as a real estate agent and we now both consider him a friend.

We met him almost by chance when we viewed a house that he was showing. We liked him right away and when he found out we didn’t have representation we promised to consider him. He met with us later and we were very impressed with his non-salesmen like demeanor and very lengthy resume. When we decided to go with him, we had basically already decided on a house to buy. He could have brokered that deal and walked away with a commission check pretty much immediately. Instead, he talked us out of that house. His reasoning…because if we wanted to sell it down the line he wouldn’t be able to sell it for us. It was a bad investment, not the house we thought it was, and, most importantly, he was considering us lifetime clients not just a one-time deal. We couldn’t be happier that he talked us out of a house with no usable back yard and on a very busy street.

Instead, he dedicated all the time it took for us to understand what we were truly looking for, what we liked and didn’t like, what our main priorities were. Thanks to his patient efforts (and over 12 months of looking) we found the house of our dreams and couldn’t be happier.

After we were in the house, our relationship with Loren didn’t end. He sat down with us to discuss what we would do with our new yard (which was a completely blank slate). He even recommended a contractor to help us with that as well as a handy man for a few fixes we needed around the house.

Thanks Loren! When we make it big and are ready for a vacation home, we know who we’ll go to!

Scott C.

Mr. Loren Dakin, is a top-notch professional. He handles all of our Real Estate needs for my family and friends. His skills are right there from the moment you meet with Loren. You better be on your toes because he will sell your house and represent you well in all negotiations. I know how good this guy is!! Do yourself a favor and contact him.

Dan Brent

Loren brings an impressive set of skills to the table that you may not expect from your average real estate agent.

* Knowledgeable about construction and what different repairs will cost. Loren also has contacts in the construction business to get things done.
* Honest, knowledgeable opinions about the real estate market. When I asked Loren his opinions about the housing market, I didn’t get the standard real estate agent reply that I would me missing out on an opportunity if I didn’t buy right then.
* On time and always in contact. Loren is very punctual. The one time that he was running behind he was in touch on his cell phone making sure I knew that he’d be 5 minutes late.
* Quick turnaround and good availability. When new places came on the market Loren was available to show them to me the same day. He would make lunch time appointments to write up offers and get them back to the seller as quickly as possible.
* Patient with writing offers. My criteria were extremely narrow and my budget was under the market for that criteria. Loren was very patient and we cranked out numerous offers that were under the asking price, including the one for the house that I ended up buying.

I think these qualities show why Loren is one of the more successful real estate agents around (I believe he was in the top 200 real estate agents in the country for 2007). This translates into you getting the most out of your real estate transaction. I highly recommend Loren to all my friends and coworkers.

Jonathan C.

Our home buying journey started with 3 months of online/book research and weekend property viewing before engaging with a real estate agent.   At this point we felt fairly knowledgeable and aware.  The business of selling homes attracts an alarming number of unqualified and/or unscrupulous characters.  I met some from both categories.  A good agent is a specialist in both the business of homes and the area in which you want to buy.  When you select an agent go out for an afternoon and treat it like an interview.   Out of all the agents we spent time with only Loren seemed to grasp the concept we were not looking to buy a house the first day out.  Loren showed us what he was bringing to the table by proving his knowledge before we selected him as our realtor.   From that point on Loren only continued to impress us.

Having Loren by our side during the selection, and finally purchase, of a home proved extremely valuable.   He is both patient and genuine.  Loren is the first person to steer you away if a home is suspect in disclosures, construction, etc.  I believe my wife and I were extremely fortunate to find someone with Loren’s knowledge and integrity.

If you are looking for a home on the peninsula do your due diligence and interview the agents you like.  Compare that experience with time spent with Loren and that will be a greater endorsement than any of us can write here on Yelp.

Brian G.

We had a great experience buying our home with Loren.  He was recommended to us by a friend.  He started the relationship by making sure he got to know us, and what it was we wanted in a home.  He was always easy to reach and made himself available whenever we needed him. When we found a place we loved, he really pulled out all the stops, and was able to get our bid heard before the other bids came in.  We got the house and are extremely happy with it.

Loren has continued to be a help long after we bought the house.  At one point six months after we bought the house, we had a problem that required immediate attention; my husband was unavailable and I was 8 months pregnant.  I called him and he helped me deal with it that afternoon.  I really feel he’s interested in cultivating long-term relationships with his clients.  I recommend him to our friends, and will definitely use him again when the time comes.

Jennifer D.

I brought a house through Loren Dakin and the experience could not have been better.

Some of the things Loren did for me:

(1) Went in well-prepared to the seller’s agent as opposed to just calling in a bid.  His on-site persuasiveness (in setting the terms of the offer we were making) and ability to react quickly to events prevented a bidding war that almost surely would have ensued if he had not been on the spot.  (The other bidders’ agents were placing their bids over the phone and could not see the whole picture that was going on.)

(2) I had an excellent credit score and finances, but the credit climate at the time made it difficult for me to get a mortgage.  I was turned down by my local bank. Loren directed me to a mortgage broker that could work with my situation and I was able to get a loan at a very good rate at a major lending institution.

(3) Loren knows lots of competent contractors in the area that he has worked with for years.  They were able to check out the house for me and give me fair appraisals for any inspections and work that needed to be done.  I still use some of those contractors today.

After winning the bid, Loren stayed on top of things with the inspection and all the other details of buying a house.  I am not alone in my positive opinion of Loren.  He is rated in the top 1% of all brokers across the nation in terms of the amount of yearly business he does.

My experience has been, if you want the best in competence and integrity, it doesn’t get better than Loren.  I have recommended him to some of out-of-state friends who may be moving to the Bay Area.

Donald D.

Loren was by far the best realtor, and we are very glad we picked him.

We sold our house through him, and he was great because:


  1. he wanted to fix up the house so that it looked its best before selling (unlike many other realtors I interviewed who were focused just on selling it without any improvements),


  1. took responsibility of the home improvement project so that project required little effort on our part


  1. very responsive to phone/emails 4. sold our house fast and at a great price.I highly recommend Loren for anyone looking to sell a house who wants to get the best price for their house with the least effort.  He was excellent.

Allister L.

Loren helped us buy our house.  Many years later when we decided to move we also chose him to help us sell our house.  We were very happy with his performance in both cases.

If a house we were looking at needed some repairs or could use some upgrades, he was able to use his contacts to give us an idea how much it would cost.  When selling the house, he was able to arrange for any type of contractor we needed.  Some contractor prices were very good and some were average, but we didn’t think anyone over-charged. We were happy with the quality of everyone’s work.  One of the contractors didn’t show up on the specified day (or the next day).  Loren kept on him and he eventually showed up.

He understood what we were looking for and didn’t try to push us to buy any particular house.  At one point, we found a house that we thought we might like to buy. He spent the evening pouring over reports and let us know why he didn’t think it would be a good idea.

Loren is punctual.  On the rare occasion when he was running late he always called ahead.  He is also responsive to both phone calls and email.  He always responded within a day and often in minutes.

When selling our house, we were out of the state for the negotiations and closing.  Loren and his team made sure everything went smoothly and they kept us up to date on what was happening.  We thought he did a good job negotiating for us as well (both buying and selling).

I’m trying to think of the “bad” stuff, but honestly besides the tardiness of some contractors we didn’t have any problems.

Tom G.

I have worked with a few different real estate agents. Loren is by far the most professional and thorough I have had the pleasure of working with. I appreciate his genuinity and compassion for my situation. He helped me find the house of my dreams! While I do not have any plans in the near future of letting this property go, I do look forward to working with him again.


Even more great things to say about Loren. He has demonstrated to me that his work with me is not done at Close of Escrow. I just received a call from him asking how things were going with the house. I asked him if he could refer me to a great handyman to repaint my living room. I am having it painted this weekend!

Kathy S.

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