The Loren Dakin Experience
By specializing in properties ONLY in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula area, we are the experts in the particular needs of this region. By combining the skills of a master contractor and Relator—we can rapidly maximize the value of the home you are buying or selling.
As one of the leaders in Real Estate sales for the Mid-Peninsula, Loren Dakin strives to provide his clients with exceptional service that is unsurpassed. For the past 13+ years, Loren has earned top achievement awards and consistently ranks in the Top 1% of Realtors.
Honesty, loyalty, and accountability are what makes the difference in the relationship with my clients.”
Loren’s success in real estate is driven primarily by his genuine enthusiasm for the field. Whether it is marketing, sales negotiations, construction, loans or escrows, Loren is well informed in all areas associated with the transaction of your home.
Whether you are a buyer who wants a private tour of homes suited to your individual desires or a seller who needs creative marketing techniques to sell your home, Loren can help—and will.
  • Coldwell Banker Top Listing Agent Award
  • Recipient of Coldwell Banker Top Selling Agent Award
  • Second Generation Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • Development, Construction & Sales Experience
  • Over 15 years of Active Brokering
  • Over 500 Successful Transactions
  • Wall Street Journal Top 300 Agents Nationwide
  • Graduate, San Diego State and College of Notre Dame

Mary Lee Dodd had a couple of properties that she wanted to put on the market—a single-family home in Foster City, California, and a commercial property in Redwood City, California. She did not have a lot of free time and wanted to make sure she got a good return on both properties. Both also needed some structural work to be ready to sell.
Loren took care of all the paperwork, prep-work, research and repairs on both properties. According to Ms. Dodd: "Loren just took care of everything. He not only made things easy, he was pro-active in every way. For the private residence, he prepared all the paperwork for me, and even made sure to find a Notary half-way between us to make signing the papers easy. On the commercial condo—which was a model railroad shop—after we took care of cleaning out the merchandise, Loren brought in multiple teams for the repairs and upgrades. On the first day, he had the cargo door repaired and was well on his way to fixing other things that needed to be done as well. Working with Loren is simply not worrying about anything. Loren takes care of all the details—including getting both properties listen and sold quick at the price we were projecting."
Using multiple teams to upgrade both locations, Loren was able to rapidly prepare both properties for sale while simultaneously dealing with all the pre-sale paperwork, including inspections. Within weeks, both properties were sold with the owner getting fair market value for each property.
Erin Nelligan needed a creative solution for selling the Redwood City property that would allow her to sell the property without investing more money into the property in order to prepare it for sale.
After interviewing multiple Realtors in the area, Ms. Nelligan chose Loren Dakin. Her reasoning "Loren not only had a more creative solution than the other Realtors I talked to—he made everything easy."
After handling both the property upgrades and all associated paperwork, Ms. Nellligan got the return she was looking for from the property in short order. "I would highly recommend Loren Dakin and would love to work with him again" she said.